6th February 2018:

After 4 long years, my modified DMusic template is getting re-written. Version 1.74 ("Peachy") is the layout you're viewing this in right now, on the left hand side you'll see a link for Version 1.75 ("Blighty"). While the colours are almost identical, since I really liked the "Peachy" DM layout I made, the code is being almost entirely re-written. Right now, it's what I call [d1rty c0de] and there is much to do but you can see the work in progress. The link will open the new template in a blank tab, as the menu isn't functional in it yet.

2nd February 2018:

2 years since an update. How times have changed...

CHILLINBUZZ.CO.UK and CHILLINBUZZ.COM both forward here; no masks, no frames, nada.

The music and the electronics divisions are still on hold for now. Will update soon!

External Links:

ChillinBuzz @ Soundcloud

Chillsky McBuzz @ YouTube

Chillin's Music Archive @ OneDrive

ChillinBuzz @ Facebook